ASAK 사단법인 한국아메리카학회


The American Studies Association of Korea


  • The American Studies Association of Korea (ASAK) promotes the study and understanding of the United States in Korea. Founded in May 1965, ASAK is one of the most active academic associations devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American Culture and Society in the nation,
  • ASAK consists of approximately 600 members with profound interest in American Studies. Together they represent many fields of inquiry such as history, literature, music, art and architecture, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, government, communications, education, popular culture, and others. They include students, teachers, researchers, and other professionals who focus on the study of the United States in the global context,
  • The Association hosts a number of annual events to stimulate the interest in American Studies in Korea. Three of the most important events are the International Conference held in the fall, American Studies Workshop for Undergraduate Students held in the spring, and the Friday Colloquium Series offered monthly throughout this year.
  • ASAK publishes the Journal of American Studies three times a year. These activities are sponsored by the US Embassy, the Fulbright Commission, and the Korea Research Foundation.